Computer Innovation Engineering

By combining theoretical foundations with hands-on experience and project-based learning, CIE students will learn the skills required for today’s workforce. They will be introduced to innovative mindsets, able to work with multidisciplinary teams and be leaders in their field of study.

Bio-Medical Engineering

Biomedical engineers are tasked with developing technical and methodological solutions to meet the needs of the healthcare community though the application of fundamental engineering principles. This program encompasses aspects of bio, chemical, electronic, mechanical and software engineering as well as fundamental topics associated with medical and pharmaceutical sciences.

Chemical Engineering

Our program provides chemical engineers with professional expertise to serve the industries and academic sectors and prepare our students for future careers as knowledgeable, industrious and ethical leaders in corporates, professional and academic communities.

Civil Engineering

KMITL’s civil engineering program offers many areas of specializations for educational and research focus: construction engineering management, geotechnical engineering, innovative materials, structural engineering, water resources engineering and environmental and many more. While pursuing the degree, the students are offered with various and unique industrial/research opportunities.

Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management

IEDMS covers all essential materials in industrial engineering methods and tools, a fundamental of mathematical, physical, engineering and management sciences. Trained through hands-on experiences and project-based settings, our students are expected to develop a system-oriented, critical and analytical thinking skill.

Robotics and AI Engineering

KMITL’s Robotics and AI program provides technical deep-dives into the area of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prepare our students to be ready for the 21st century. We produce graduates with highly relevant skills in Robotics and AI area who can develop, employ and manipulate intelligent robots and AI systems that are capable of learning from experience.

Electrical Engineering

Our program focuses on professionalism, cross-cultural competency, communication skills, technological literacy, and design mindset, so that the EE graduates can be competitive in the ASEAN market. The research and instructional expertise of our faculty are in the areas emphasized in Thailand 4.0 policies: alternative energy, autonomous robots for manufacturing, smart electronics, advanced telecommunications, data analytics and information management.

Mechanical Engineering

Major industries, which require mechanical engineers, include automotive, aviation, power plant, railway, construction and building system, appliance manufacturers and many more. Many branches of mechanical engineering have integrated with other fields, creating state of art technologies such as artificial intelligence in robotics, autonomous cars and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Energy Engineering

Energy engineering is a broad field of engineering dealing with energy efficiency, energy services, facility management, plant engineering, environmental compliance and alternative energy technologies. It combines knowledge from the fields of physics, math, and chemistry with economic and environmental engineering practices.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is a discipline that concerns all aspects of software production, including software analysis, design, development, testing, and deployment. It requires profound abstract and logical thinking and the application of mathematics, logic, and computer science in order to produce efficient and reliable software with the available resources.

Financial Engineering

Our program intends to train a new generation of financial engineers who have a strong foundation in the theories of economics and finance, mathematical methods for quantitative data analysis, and computer programming and technologies. The graduates are expected to be able to skillfully analyze huge amount financial data to support the planning of the firm’s investment strategies and the management of risks.

Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship

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School of International & Interdisciplinary Engineering Programs

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